The group’s progress

A group from The Liberal Arts and the Entrepreneurial Mindset class is working to make Hiram a greener place and save the College some money at the same time.

Students in the class have to implement something to the campus community by the end of the 12 week.

The Environmental Concept group, which is made up of five students – juniors David Weber, Kyle Kiffer and Jeremy Schaefer and sophomores J.B. Henry and Matt Denzinger – has a goal to help the college eliminate the cost of purchasing and disposing the paper towels that are already in place at the college.

In order to do this, the group wants to implement four Xlerator hand dryers on campus by the end of the 12-week.

The Xlerator is an environmentally conscious and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified device that only uses 1.5 Kilowatts (Kw’s) per use.

The group met with President Chema and Vice President for Business and Finance and Chief Financial Officer Steve Jones in early March to ask for $14,400 for 30 Xlerator hand dryers.

“They were big proponents for the hand dryers, but they just wanted preliminary information,” the group said. “That is why we are first going to implement four.”

The group is looking for feedback from the campus community about their idea as well. They have created a short survey to help them with the implementation of their idea. Take their survey and learn more.

You can also follow the group’s progress and learn more about the Xlerator.

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