Need for Paper Towels in Bathrooms

Traditionally, restaurants and schools have used paper towels in bathrooms for people wanting to dry their hands. Now, with the Sani-Dri hand dryer installed in bathrooms in any restaurant, school or business is able to reduce their overhead expenses by eliminating the need to purchase paper towels.

Sani-dri not only brings cost savings to schools, restaurants and businesses, but also provides an environmental friendly technology. The Sani-Dri energy efficient high speed sanitaryhand dryerexemplifies what green technology is all about. With drying capabilities in less than 15 seconds, the hand dryer also blows sanitized air. The Sani-Dri hand dryer combines high speed drying with ozone in order to sanitize the air and keep the blowers inside the dryer free from bacteria.

Sani-Dri is pleased to announce that the company is able to eliminate the need for paper towels for bathrooms in restaurants, schools, and other businesses.

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