World Dryer® Corporation has announced they will be exhibiting at booth 1332 at the National School Board Association (NSBA) trade show in San Diego, CA.

For years World Dryer® Corporation has been the favored electric hand dryer manufacturer for educational institutions. Year after year, more schools install the World Dryer electric hand dryers. Favorite models have included the Model A Series and the Airmax(TM) Series. Both Series are renowned for their durability and quality.

The NSBA is a non-profit Federation of state associations of school boards across the United States. The NSBA Annual Conference & Exposition (April 4-7, 2009) is the largest national gathering of elected officials and offers an impressive collection of professional development opportunities for school board members and other education leaders.

"World Dryer® set the industry standards high with the introduction of the Model A Series hand dryer. This dryer features superior engineering and is built with quality materials for added durability. The Model A Series with a cast iron cover is ideal for high traffic and high vandalism applications," said Tom Vic, President of World Dryer® Corporation.

Both the Airmax(TM) and the Model A hand dryers are available in a variety of cover options, push button or automatic, surface mounted or ADA compliant recessed. Multiple cover options are available to match any décor including cast iron, steel and stainless steel and the World Dryer® exclusive, WorldStone(TM).

"World Dryer® is excited to debut the new Airforce(TM) fast hand dryer to the educational marketplace. The Airforce(TM) is one of the fastest and most energy efficient automatic hand dryers available. With its sleek design and antimicrobial coating, it's ideal for school applications. The Airforce(TM) electric hand dryer may easily be retrofitted to replace an existing hand dryer," said Vic.

World Dryer® Hand Dryer Facts:

— Automatic dryers are durable and resistant. World Dryer® hand dryers are vandal-resistant and durable under any circumstance. These dryers are perfect for high-traffic, high volume areas.

— Hand dryers have cost savings benefits. As paper costs continue to rise, electric hand dryers eliminate the need for paper towels. Hand dryers usually pay for themselves within six months, compared to the expense associated with paper towel use.

— Hand dryers are hygienic. Hand dryers have been proven to be the most sanitary method to dry hands.

— Hand dryers are good for the environment. Paper towels can be made from recycled paper, but cannot be recycled. They create millions of cubic feet of waste in landfills. To make one ton of recycled paper, it takes 7,000 gallons of water, 158 million BTU's of energy and 60 pounds of pollutants go into the atmosphere. The AirMax(TM) model is GreenSpec® certified and can help your school qualify for LEED(TM) credits.

— Hand dryers are maintenance friendly. Electric hand dryers ease the burden on maintenance staff. The use of paper towels involves constant order, stocking, cleaning and disposal. Paper towels clog toilets, litter floors and can be fire hazards. A school using 30 hand dryers saves one ton, or 17 trees worth of paper towels per year.

— Automatic dryers are energy efficient. The production of paper towels is twice as energy-intensive as the use of hand dryers and creates more greenhouse gases. Over its lifetime, just one hand dryer will produce 3.0 tons less CO2 than the production of towels it replaces (4.6 tons vs 1.6 tons of CO2).

About World Dryer Corporation: World Dryer® Corporation ( has been in business since 1927 and is the leading provider of electric hand dryers in the United States as well as distributing automatic dryers to 80 other countries. The industry standard has been set by World Dryer® with the introduction of Airforce(TM) fast hand dryer. Electric hand dryers are durable, hygienic and environmentally sound.

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